What We Do

Dependable Consults LLC is a Texas-based firm that offers a range of technology services to businesses and organizations. Our services are designed to help our clients increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve their technology infrastructure. Here are the services that we offer:

Deployment Services:

Our team is equipped to handle all of your migration and hardware upgrade needs. We can implement a new email server or upgrade all laptops to the most recent version of Windows. Our scale and vendor partnerships give us the buying power to procure the best solution for your company at the best price.

Virtualization Solutions:

We can help transition your servers to a virtualized environment, reducing hardware costs and increasing the flexibility of your systems with additional data security options. Customers can also reduce the number of servers in production, saving them costs associated with administration, upgrades, and energy.

Project Management:

We offer project management services to help you manage your technology projects, from planning to execution. Our experienced project managers will work with your team to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

Software Development:

Our software development team can build custom software applications that meet your business needs. We use the latest software development tools and techniques to ensure your software is reliable, scalable, and secure.

Software & Hi-Tech

SharePoint Deployment:

Our deployment services help you implement and configure SharePoint for your organization. We can also help you customize SharePoint to meet your specific business needs.

System Integration:

Our system integration services help you integrate your existing technology systems to ensure they work seamlessly. We can also help you integrate new technology systems into your existing infrastructure.

Data Analysis:

Our data analysis services help you make sense of your data. We can help you collect, analyze, and interpret data for business decisions.

Web and E-commerce:

Our web and e-commerce services help you build a robust online presence for your business. We can help you design and develop a responsive, user-friendly, and optimized website for search engines.

Software & Hi-Tech

Enterprise Workflow Solutions:

Our enterprise workflow solutions help you streamline your business processes and workflows. We can help you automate repetitive tasks and ensure that your workflows are efficient and effective.

Training Solutions:

We offer customized/tailored training on various technology platforms that help our customers increase employee productivity, add value, and reduce business costs.

Recruiting Services:

We offer contractual hiring services to help you identify and recruit competitive candidates. We can help you interview and recruit candidates competent enough to work in the long term.

Direct Hire Placement:

Our direct hire placement services help you find and hire permanent employees. We can identify, interview, and recruit the best candidates for your organization.